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Technical Committee

The OpenStack Technical Committee provides technical leadership for OpenStack as a whole. Responsibilities include enforcing OpenStack ideals (such as Openness, Transparency, Commonality, Integration and Quality), deciding on issues that impact multiple programs, providing an ultimate appeals board for technical decisions and general oversight. It is a fully-elected Committee that represents the contributors to the project, and more details about membership and programs may be found in its charter.

Amy Marrich

Red Hat


Amy Marrich is a Principal Technical Marketing Manager at Red Hat. She previously worked at a small Open Source e-assessment company in Luxembourg where she was the Open Source Community and Global Training Manager.  Previously she was the OpenStack Instructor at Linux Academy and a Linux System Engineer on the Platform Engineering Cloud Operations team at Rackspace. She currently serves on the OpenStack Board, is an active member of the Openstack Ansible project, chair of the OSF Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, and previously the chair of the OpenStack User Committee. Amy spends her free time competing in performance events (agility, FASt Cat, and dock diving) with her Dalmatians and competing in Dressage with her Connemara pony.


Belmiro Moreira


Belmiro Moreira is an enthusiastic mathematician and computer engineer passionate about the challenges and complexities of architecting and deploying large scale open Cloud Infrastructures. Belmiro works at CERN and during the last 10 years he has been responsible for the design, deployment and maintenance of the CERN Cloud Infrastructure based on Openstack. Previously he worked in different virtualization projects to improve the efficiency of the large Batch farm at CERN. Belmiro is from the beginning an active member of the OpenStack community. Currently, he is a member of the OpenStack TC (Technical Committee) and the co-chair of the OpenStack Large Scale SIG. Previously, he was also a member of the OpenStack UC (User Committee). Belmiro is particularly interested in the challenges that cloud operators face when maintaining large scale open infrastructures. He talks regularly about his experience in several conferences and events, (OpenStack Summits, OpenStack User Groups, OpenInfra Live, CentOS Dojo, ...) and helps in the organization of many other events. Belmiro is committed to continue to support the OpenInfra community. More info: https://www.linkedin.com/in/belmiromoreira/

Dan Smith

Red Hat


Ghanshyam Mann


Ghanshyam is currently serving as a Chair of the OpenStack Technical Committee and Core developer in various OpenStack projects (Nova, QA and a few more) and served as PTL of the OpenStack QA. project. He started working in OpenStack with NEC in 2012 as a cloud support engineer, and since 2014 he has been involved in upstream development. His main upstream focus is on Nova, QA, API stability, and CI/CD. In addition, he is passionate about bringing more contributors to the Open Infra family and helping them in onboarding in the community via different programs like First Contact SIG, Upstream Institute Trainings, mentorship. Before OpenStack Upstream, he worked in different domains like Avionics, Storage, Cloud, and Virtualization. Ghanshyam started his career in technology as a software developer in the Avionic domain with the C++ language. He has also been a frequent speaker in various Open Source events such as OpenStack, Open Infra, Open source summit, Open Infra Days and LinuxCon on various topics like RESTful API, QA, Cloud Backup, Open Source Community Building, Open Source Governance. In addition, he has been actively involved in various PoC and solutions designs around Cloud OSS and currently serving as Cloud Consultant in NEC. More Details: https://ghanshyammann.com/


Jay Bryant

Lenovo Inc


I served as the IBM Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Cinder from early January 2014 until January of 2017.  As the Cinder SME I earned Cinder Core status during the first half of 2014.  I also took the opportunity to be Cinder's Oslo Liaison.  Two roles which I continue to fill today.

In January of 2017, I took the opportunity to act of the Cloud Storage Lead for Lenovo's Cloud Technology Center.  In this new role I am working to develop Lenovo's storage offerings and how they can best integrate with OpenStack.  Through this new role I am working to increase Lenovo's presence in the OpenStack community and looking to continue to enhance enterprise adoption of OpenStack as a cloud solution.

Kendall Nelson

The OpenStack Foundation


Kendall is an Upstream Developer Advocate at the Open Infrastructure Foundation based in the United States. She first started working on OpenStack during the Liberty release (2015) on Cinder and since then been involved in Release Management, StoryBoard, the Women of OpenStack (WoO), the First Contact SIG, the Contributor Guide, and OpenStack Upstream Institute.

She’s recently gotten more involved in the Kubernetes community helping to bridge it with the OpenStack community via SIG Cloud Provider and provider OpenStack. 

When she is not evangelizing about the awesomeness of OpenStack, bringing people into the community, binding open source communities together, or working to make upstream development in open source a friendlier place, she can be found reading Harry Potter, watching Doctor Who, or out on a photo taking adventure.

Mohammed Naser



Over the past 10 years, I’m happy to have watched the hosting industry transform and be part of the transformation process as it evolved from traditional physical hardware to cloud-native infrastructure, powered by OpenStack.  Since the creation of VEXXHOST, I have had the chance to work with different sorts of customers, ranging from growing small businesses to helping architect solutions for large Fortune 500 companies, based on OpenStack.  I've helped integrate other open infrastructure projects into our commercial offering.

By fostering OpenStack at it’s early days in 2011, it has helped improve the project and our service as a whole. I’ve been a contributor to the project since and I have contributed code to almost every release of OpenStack since then.  I've also served as PTL for Puppet OpenStack, continue to serve as a PTL for OpenStack-Ansible and serve on the technical commitee, chairing tthe commitee for a term.

Radosław Piliszek

University of Bialystok, Computing Centre


Radosław Piliszek served multiple roles in IT, from systems administration to programming to architecting software. He relies greatly on open source software and seeks to contribute back whenever he can. His main focus is DevOps with security-oriented approach. In the OpenStack community he contributes mostly to the Kolla project which allows users to deploy Docker-containerised OpenStack using Ansible playbooks. Other than that, he helps the QA project (DevStack) and drives the Masakari (Instance High Availability) project.

Rico Lin



Rico Lin, OpenStack Technical Committee (TC) member, Board of Director for OpenInfra Foundation, Heat PTL, char for Multi-arch SIG, Senior Software Engineer at EasyStack.

Experienced in OpenStack development (infra and app), Cloud architect, Container(docker and k8s), community(contribute and event host), and customer tech consults and supports.

Goals in OpenStack:

* Improve experiences of Cloud-native application on top of OpenStack(by improving infra and user experiences).
* Blending OpenStack with other cloud solutions to make it become one indispensable layer.

* Leverage the community differences across global (Include let Asia community get more actively join to others).